Barn Quilt Collection

Barn Quilt Collection

Our popular Barn Quilt Artwork collection features many unique home decor designs. These beautiful artwork prints are an excellent way to welcome guests to your home!

Proudly designed and manufactured in the United States, Mill Wood Art pieces are unique in every way! Printed on real rough-cut yellow pine lumber, Mill Wood Art is taking wall art and decor to the next level! The proprietary printing process is truly high quality & one-of-a-kind! The natural beauty and warmth of the wood creates a striking focal point to enhance any room!


Typically constructed of wood, Barn quilts have been around since the early 1800's. American Farmers used different types of folk art, including these quilt-like blocks, to decorate their barns. Today, Barn Quilts and their patterns are a beautiful way to decorate any area of a property or home! Our Barn Quilt collection is a great way to add some rustic Americana charm to your home, welcoming friends and family alike!


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