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Mill Wood Art is 100% sourced from local, independent lumber yards, providing us with a unique canvas for thousands of our creative designs to be displayed. Only a couple of steps stand in between a raw, unprocessed lumber board and a finished Mill Wood Art product. The proprietary printing process allows us to print any image at a high resolution into the cracks and grooves of real, solid, Southern Yellow Pine. This allows the distinct texture of every wood board to be present behind each image, leaving you with a high quality piece of fine art you can proudly display in your home.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How is the artwork hung and does it come with necessary hardware?
Yes, each piece comes ready to hang with sawtooth hardware or an angle cut wood strip, depending on the size.
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Can the art be hung outside?
Yes, our solid pine artwork can be hung outside, preferably under a covered area.
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Can I put a protective coating on the art?
Yes, it must be a water based coating
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Will the wood change depending on the environment?
Yes, our solid pine art product will change with humidity levels. This is solid wood so please expect a little cupping or warping of the wood as humidity levels change.
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Can you create custom sizes and images?
Please contact us for any custom inquiries: 1-800-343-7446

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