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Welcome to Mill Wood Art. We have hundreds of unique designs to fit any home's decor. Choose a category below to find the perfect piece for you.
Designed and manufactured in the United States, Mill Wood Art® is unique in every way. Made from rough cut solid pine, the natural beauty and warmth of the wood creates a striking focal point to enhance any room. These pieces are available in a variety of standard and unusual sizes.

All designs on MillWoodArt® are copyrighted and reserved solely for MillWoodArt® use.

MillWoodArt® Copyright © 2012

Frequently Asked Questions:

How is the artwork hung and does it come with necessary hardware?
Yes, each piece comes ready to hang with sawtooth hardware.
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Can the art be hung outside?
Yes, our solid pine artwork can be hung outside, preferably under a covered area.
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Can I put a protective coating on the art?
Yes, it must be a water based coating
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Will the wood change depending on the environment?
Yes, our solid pine art product will change with humidity levels. This is solid wood so please expect a little cupping or warping of the wood as humidity levels change.
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Can you create custom sizes and images?
Yes, customization is our specialty! Name drops, custom landmarks and custom sizes are always available.
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